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Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is never easy. As part of our continuing mission to educate and support LAP-BAND® and REALIZE® Band patients in this quest, Synchrony Chicago Weight Loss has produced a series of educational videos on a wide variety of weight loss topics.

Living with the LAP-BAND®: Synchrony Health Academy


We are proud to announce that twenty-four episodes of our “Synchrony Health Academy” series are now available to rent and view online at

Though aimed at a general audience, LAP-BAND® patients will benefit from the information and advice presented in the following categories:

LAP-BAND® and REALIZE® Band Expert Panels

Synchrony gathered a panel of LAP-BAND® patients at various stages on their weight loss journeys to discuss their successes as well as the obstacles they face and how they deal with them.

The panelists shared their personal stories – how and why they gained weight, the various attempts they made over the years to lose weight, and the paths that led them to choose gastric banding.

Living with the LAP-BAND® was a common theme throughout the discussion – managing portions, choosing foods wisely, achieving proper restriction, and paying attention to the signals the band sends.

They were also quite frank about the frustrations they faced with the band, such as no longer being able to eat the same foods in the same amounts and at the same speed as they used to. Plateaus were another source of frustration, but the panelists talked about the steps they took to deal with their problems.

The LAP-BAND® is a great tool, but it is up to patients to use them properly. Our expert panelists agreed that the band is not magic, but has been an invaluable asset to move forward on their weight loss journeys.

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