Our Program

LAP-BAND® gives you a powerful weight loss tool, but the procedure is just the beginning. Synchrony Chicago Weight Loss has extensive experience with laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery. Most of our patients have already tried medical weight loss programs multiple times, losing and regaining weight over and over again while dieting, and finally found their success with us.

Navigating Your Appointments

  • Initial Consult includes:
    • Surgical Consultation
    • Financial Consultation, regarding financing and payment options, or insurance information
  • Psychological Evaluation, to identify issues that may complicate weight loss
  • Nutritional /Pre-Operative appointment, two weeks before surgery
  • Post-Op appointment, one week after surgery
  • Follow-up appointments and band adjustments, as needed (in the first year, we recommend a minimum of one follow up appointment per month)


  • Over the years, Synchrony’s surgeons have participated in over 2,000 LAP-BAND® procedures since FDA approval in 2001.
  • LAP-BAND® patients lose, on average, 2.1 lbs per week (1,2,3).
  • LAP-BAND® patients lose, on average, at least 52% of their excess weight at one year (1,2,3).
  • Long term (over 10 years), LAP-BAND® patients maintain an average of 68.1% of excess weight loss (4).


We understand that no treatment, either medical or surgical, is of any use without lifelong support and follow-up. Our Support Group is open to patients who have already had band surgery and to people who are still considering having surgery. Synchrony Chicago Weight Loss includes staff who have undergone LAP-BAND® surgery themselves. We know what our patients are going through, because we have been there ourselves.




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